Charlie Battery
2d Battalion
80th Field Artillery
Rock Hard FISTers

Count Down to AIT Training Graduation
July 18, 2001 at 8:00am

Tony's New Address

PV2 LIND Anthony 5353
FORT SILL, OK 73503-8110

July 20, 2001


* As Distinquished Honor Graduate *
July 18, 2001
All information on Tony's graduating AIT and our second visit to Fort Sill is here

Well phase two begins, Fox Hall. He is starting his AIT (Advanced Individual Training) at Fort Sill. Here is where he will learn how to be a "Fire Support Specialist". From what we can gather so far, his graduation date from here will be Wednesday July 18th. The count down timer on this page will give you the days left till he graduates.

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He then goes straight to Fort Benning, Georgia for Airborne, he will start his three week jump school training on Friday July 20th and gratuate on Friday August 10th.

We are planning to attend both graduations. Because of Tony I got on a plane for the first time in my life and it wasn't all that bad. So I am looking forward to seeing him graduate from AIT and Airborne.

Please take a minute and sign Tony's Dreambook, it's located at the bottom of this page. He will be able to view it when we see him in July.

        GO ARMY!        

*Thank you Scott, for fixing this animation for me*

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Tomy Graduates AIT
As Distingished Honor Graduate
Wednesday July 18, 2001
All information on Tony's graduating AIT and our second visit to Fort Sill is here

National POW/MIA Recognition Day
Friday, September 21, 2001

Tony Graduates Basic Training!!!
Tony Graduates has pictures and info about our time with him at Fort Sill.

Bravo Battery doing candences as they marched to the family dinner.

Some Gave All
To those who gave the ultimate...their life. At this time I have information Anthony Whitaker (my uncle) who died in World War II. More to come.

All Gave Some
Under Construction

Basic Combat Training Page
This is Tony's older page that I just replaced.

Fort Sill
Fort Sill's webpage with webcams, weather and tons of information.

Charlie Battery, 2d Battalion, 80th Field Artillery
Charlie Battery's webpage. Last update was March 29. I am hoping they improve but I won't hold my breath.

FA Fire Support Specialist Course
The mission of the Field Artillery Fire Support Specialist Course is to train Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 13F Advanced Individual Training soldiers to perform duties required as a member of a Fire Support Team: locate and identify targets, calls fr fire, map reading and land navigation, and voice and digital communications.
This is a Powerpoint presentation, you will need Powerpoint to view these files. This is the actually course.

13F Fire Support Specialist
Major duties. The fire support specialist leads, supervises, or serves in intelligence activities including target processing in FA cannon, rocket, and missile battalions.

Basic Airborne Course at Fort Benning, Georgia
The education of a soldier is more than a piece of paper or a diploma-- we teach you the skills to be a paratrooper-- and also lessons in life. We hope you will find your three weeks with us as rewarding, challenging, physically demanding and emotionally uplifting. Hunters from the Sky!!

Tony, I wish for you...

Comfort on difficult days. Smiles when sadness intrudes
Rainbows to follow the clouds. Laughter to kiss your lips
Sunsets to warm your heart. Gentle hugs when your spirits sag
Friendships to brighten your being. Beauty for your eyes to see
Confidence for when you're in doubt. Faith so that you can believe
Courage to know yourself. Patience to accept the truth
And love to complete your life.

This page is dedicated to Tony because we love him and are so very proud of him for his accomplishments, sacrifices and mostly because he's Tony.
Love you Tony...Mom & Dad