Look at our Baby then.....

And look at our Baby now!

PV2 LIND Anthony 5353
FORT SILL, OK 73503-8110

May 28, 2001

Bravo Battery Photo
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Rock Hard FISTers

Advanced Individual Training (AIT) in his new job as a Fire Support Specialist or what the Army refers to as a 13F (FISTer).

Charlie Battery
2d Battalion, 80th Field Artillery

~ White Flag ~
Week 4 - 5 - 6

  Hand to Hand Combat Photos 

  Basic Rifle Marksmanship Photos 

~ Red Flag ~

Week 1
Confidence Obstacle Course Photos

Week 2
Combat Conditioning Course Photos

Week 3
Teamwork Development Course Photos

Physical Training Photos

NBC Training

Fill Week

Fill Photos

Countdown to Tony's Graduation
24 May 2001 14:30:00

Tony was sworn in a the MEPS center in Columbus, Ohio on Tuesday March 13, 2001. From there it was a long day of waiting for all the paper work to be complete and getting to the airport.

  Pictures at the MEPS center

Tony shipped off at 4:07pm on a flight to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He then was transported to Fort Sill, Oklahoma. He was in the reception area from Tuesday night to the following Monday afternoon. In reception they are doing final paper work, shots, physicals that include dentist, vision and hearing exams. The Fort Sill Webcam is something we have added to our desktops, it makes us feel a little closer to him to be able to see activity and the weather.

  Pictures at the Airport in Columbus

On Monday, March 19, he was shipped across the tracks to the Army Training Center (basic, boot camp etc). Tony is with the 1st Battalion, 22d Field Artillery, Bravo Battery - 4th Platoon - Vipers. He will be graduating from basic on May 24th, 2001 at 2:30pm.

Next he will stay with the battalion he is with to go on to Field Artillery Training Center to become a Fire Support Specialist. He will be in this training for about 8 weeks. Graduating somewhere the end of July.

He then heads to Fort Benning, Georgia for jump school for three weeks, at which time he will get his Airborne wings. The ceremony here is he jumps out of a plane *gulp* and when he lands, they pin his wings on him. Of course family members are welcome to witness this or keep their hands over their eyes like I will. Finally mid to late August, he gets to come home and work in the recruiting station here in Eastgate with his recruiting officer Staff Sergeant William J. Lane for 20 days, then a 10 day leave. All and all he will be home for about 30 days.

For Tony,
We are so very proud of you!
We love you and miss you.
Love Mom and Dad



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