May 24th 2001
Class 512-01
Bravo Battery
4th Platoon Vipers

Tony and Senior Drill Sergeant Dunn

We spent May 22 through May 27 with Tony. His gratuation from Basic Training was great. We are both extremely proud of Tony.It was so good to see him and talk to him for longer then five minutes at a time. He was able to get a pass everyday we were there. We took many pictures, all pictures will open to full view if you click on them.

Tony and his platoon did a demonstration of taking over an enemy foxhole for us the morning of graduation. After seeing him in all his camo make-up, I found it hard to believe in a few short hours he would be cleaned up in time for the graduation.


I think with all the stories we heard about basic training Tony could write a book, but it would have to be a humorous one, because he had us in tears almost the whole time there from laughing so hard at his vision of basic training.

He has also put on some weight and it's pure muscle. I believe he said he gained over 20 pounds. I would have never thought he would fill out the way he has, and yes his brother, Tommy should be afraid, very afraid.


The pictures below were taken at Fort Sill of some of the vehicles, tanks and weapons from vintage to the ones in use now.

Tony took us on a tour of the Combat Conditioning Course. He said he really like this course. He is walking us through it pointing out what had to be accomplished to finish it.

Here are some pictures of where Tony spent the last 9 weeks, his home so to speak. He asked the DS if I could take some pictures of his barracks, but I wasn't allowed up there. I didn't even think till we were on the plane home, that I could have given the camera to Tony to take them. I will do just that in July when we go back to see him graduate from AIT. I also wanted to take a couple pictures of the mess hall. Put that on my list too for next time.